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Establishing a selling price, insurance settlements, donation value, dividing an inheritance, how valuable was your gift, IRS writeoff, or, inquiring minds want to know?

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Joan Martin - President

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For thirty years We have provided 1000’s of appraisals for our clients
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Do not include any scratched, chipped, or crazed china pieces.  
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Add any number showing on the back. More information is better than less.
Not sure of the pattern name? Then upload a picture of your china, both front and back.


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(Middle Size)
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(Two Piece)


(Oval - 10 to 13 3/4 inch)
(Oval - 14 to 15 3/4 inch)
( Oval - 16 inch or larger)
(Any Size)

Cups & Mugs

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(With Underplate)
(One Each)
So we can call to clarify any info about your china.

China Traders Appraisal & Replacement Service

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